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We enjoy hearing from past students!

I am not on Facebook but have been wanting to write a “review” , if you will, regarding Virginia Davis School of Dance.
My daughter took lessons there from age 10 until she graduated from high school, being part of the first RSD team.
In college she choreographed a year end dance performance and continues to credit her training at your school for many of her successes in life.
Under your tutelage she learned about much more than dance. She learned confidence, the importance of giving your all and being totally present and in the moment; also how crucial it is to be on time, be responsible , be encouraging and kind.
We both think of Virginia Davis School of Dance and all the committed teachers often and fondly.
Never did we expect for her to get so much more than learning to dance.
She is now 26, lives in Spain and is an avid rock climber. And yes, she credits her dance with being able to climb mountains!!
So to all of the wonderful teachers, past and present, you DO make a huge difference, and you DO teach so much more than the joy of dance!

Gloria Pofahl-Pangman

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