Welcome Students

September 28, 2015


 We are happy to see all of you, and begin our 41st year teaching dance at Virginia Davis School of Dance LLC. Dates to remember and other reminders are listed below. If you have any questions, please check with us in the office. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and students who helped at the Dance Recital. Your support is greatly appreciated.

BILLING:            Accounts are under mother’s name in most cases. We are offering an additional 2% discount if your tuition is paid by check or cash.   We also have an Automatic Credit Card Billing Authorization form. Upon approval, we will automatically bill your credit card for the quarterly term amount due. Forms are at the front desk. This helps reduce late fees.

TUITION:          Tuition for each term must be paid on the first lesson of each term.

There will be a late fee applied to accounts after 2 weeks into the term.

VACATION DATES:            Thanksgiving:            Tuesday, November 24 thru November 29, 2015

Winter Break:   Monday, December 21 thru January 2, 2016

Spring Break:   Monday, March 21 thru March 26, 2016

RECITAL DATES:          Watch for announcements December 2015 for recital dates and location.

COSTUME DEPOSITS:          Due date: Monday, December 7, 2015

Deposit:   $50.00 for each costume ordered

BROCHURE: Check the brochure for DRESS CODE regulations and our policy on REFUNDS. Dress code will be strictly enforced. A student will be asked to sit out of class if not dressed properly. We encourage our dancers to make-up missed classes. Check in the office or ask your teacher for a day and time you can make-up missed classes. Because of recital preparation, make-up classes will be available only during the 1st and 2nd terms.

VISITOR WEEK: The first week of classes (Sept. 8-14) and December 14-19 are visitor weeks.

CLASS PLACEMENT/CHANGES: We did many of the registrations by mail this year, so if your child is not placed in the appropriate class, please discuss the matter with your teacher or phone the studio so that we can make any necessary changes. Many factors go into class placement and we do the best we can with the information provided. It is important to us that you are comfortable with your child’s class placement, so let us hear from you.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: We make every effort to keep our students and parents informed about what is going on throughout the dance year. Please check the bulletin board periodically to make sure you are aware of important dates and events concerning Virginia Davis School of Dance, LLC. Like us on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM for the latest news and pictures. We also have a website: www.virginiadavis.com.

Recital VIDEO was done by Moonstruck Media Production, LLC (608) 850-3725.  

Recital PICTURES were done by SKALA PHOTOGRAPHY (608) 839-1700.


Miss Virginia, Miss Kay and Faculty

Congratulations Miss Virginia and Miss Kay

Miss Virginia celebrating 50 years and Miss Kay celebrating 25 years supporting continuing dance education with Chicago National Association of Dance Masters!


We enjoy hearing from past students!

I am not on Facebook but have been wanting to write a “review” , if you will, regarding Virginia Davis School of Dance.
My daughter took lessons there from age 10 until she graduated from high school, being part of the first RSD team.
In college she choreographed a year end dance performance and continues to credit her training at your school for many of her successes in life.
Under your tutelage she learned about much more than dance. She learned confidence, the importance of giving your all and being totally present and in the moment; also how crucial it is to be on time, be responsible , be encouraging and kind.
We both think of Virginia Davis School of Dance and all the committed teachers often and fondly.
Never did we expect for her to get so much more than learning to dance.
She is now 26, lives in Spain and is an avid rock climber. And yes, she credits her dance with being able to climb mountains!!
So to all of the wonderful teachers, past and present, you DO make a huge difference, and you DO teach so much more than the joy of dance!

Gloria Pofahl-Pangman

Recital Video Issues

Dear Virginia Davis School of Dance Parents,
My name is Jeremy Crosby, and I am the owner of Moonstruck Media Production, LLC.  We provided the video coverage for the Virginia Davis School of Dance 2015 Show.  I wanted to apologize for the DVD Video issues you may be having.  Our staff is fully aware of these issues with the DVD and are working to correct them and will provide you with a new DVD once the changes have been made.
Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication with the staff running the audio board and our feed with the music and microphones was not being fed properly to our recording system. However, for the last week, we have gone back and our fixing both shows by adding each individual song for each performance for each show along with trying to fix what we have from the microphones feed.  All of the changes to the DVD will be approved by the staff at Virginia Davis School of Dance before we resend them out.
We appreciate your patients through this process.  We have ensured the owners of the dance studio that we will do our best to correct issues that we encountered and will make sure everyone who paid for a copy of the video will receive and updated video at no charge.  This will take a bit of time re-edit, so we will let you know when they will be sent out. Please keep your DVD case and throw out your DVD disk(s) when you receive your new DVD.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to talk with you.
We can’t thank Virginia Davis School of Dance enough for hiring us for this project.  We hope we can continue to work with this company in the future and provide all the parents a high quality video that captures your kids dance moments.
Jeremy Crosby
Moonstruck Media Production, LLC
608-850-3725 Office
608-438-2856 Cell

Congratulations Miss Virginia!

VDAward web

Congratulations Miss Virginia!                                                           July 25, 2013

Please join us in congratulating Virginia Davis as Chicago National Association of Dance Masters 2013 Member of the Year.

This award is given to an individual who has supported and promoted CNADM within their studio, as well as supported the art of dance within their community.  Miss Virginia has served on the CNADM board of directors, as well as several committees for over 40 years.  Most of her past and present teachers have been or are still members of CNADM.

Miss Virginia is a mentor in the field of dance and has assisted former students in opening studios of their own.  Many awards and recognitions have come her way including:  North Star Community Award; Wisconsin Dance Council Honoree for Lifetime Achievement; and past president of Dance Masters of Wisconsin.  She is a strong advocate for continuing dance education and ethics.

Virginia Davis serves as a role model to all her students and as an inspiration to her fellow dance educators.  The gift of her time and talent to her community and to the goals and mission of CNADM is a positive example for all dance teachers.

Congratulation Miss Elizabeth & Miss Emily

Congratulations Miss Elizabeth and Miss Emily on passing Dance Masters of Wisconsin exams.