Classes We Offer

We offer classes for children and adults of all ages!

DSC00142Tiny Tots Time

Our Tiny Tot Time is designed for children 18 months through age 2 and their caregivers. We will help guide your tots as we dance, play, and learn together. Your child will develop gross and fine motor skills and enhance their vocabulary through dance and rhythmic activities. They will learn to take turns, work with each other, and most importantly learn to follow directions in this classroom setting.




Girls and Boys ages 3-5 are introduced to the joy of movement and rhythm with this pre-ballet dance experience!  We will learn to jump, hop, skip, and balance while singing and dancing with fun upbeat music. Young dancers will learn to listen and take turns as well as connect basic dance terminology with music.




Ballet is the basic structure of all dance training and begins at age 6. Slowly and age appropriately, “Turn out” and “Barre” work is introduced. Ballet steps and terminology are incorporated into the class. Over time, the young dancer will develop poise, strength, technique, coordination, flexibility, and discipline.




“Pointe” class begins around ages 12-13. After a year of pre-pointe preparation, ballet class is extended to one hour to allow a longer strengthening time for pointe work. Pointe shoes are specially fitted to each student and is only for the experienced ballet dancer.




Tap dancing is introduced at age 5, wearing shoes that make noise! Utilizing different parts of your tap shoes to create percussive sounds and rhythmic patterns. We use up-tempo stylized music. Students learn technique and terminology and put together combinations.




Jazz is a high energy form of dance, which we introduce at age 7. The fundamentals include basic jazz steps, turns, leaps, jumps, and isolations. There are so many different jazz and music styles the possibilities are endless, and so much fun!



Hip Hop Hip-Hop

These classes are an upbeat and high energy way for our students to learn the basics of this popular dance style. They’ll learn syncopation, isolations, strength, and control. The music in these classes is always age appropriate as well as fun for the students.




Lyrical is introduced around age 10, after the student has had ballet and jazz. Lyrical blends elements of ballet and jazz together to create a dance form that is more fluid than ballet, but not as fast as jazz. It is often performed to music with lyrics which serve as inspiration for dancer’s movements and expressions.



Adult Classes

Maybe your kids take class, and you want to as well.  Maybe you have danced before as a child. Or, maybe dance is something you have always wanted to do.  Whatever the reason, we have a class for you!  Try one class for no charge.  No dress code, but appropriate dance shoes are required.



A.C.E. (Adapt, Create, Engage)

A.C.E. has been created specifically to support students who require a different approach to experiencing the magic of dance. A.C.E. is designed to support students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and other physical and developmental differences in a safe and encouraging environment.