2022-2023 Class Fees

Registration — $30 per student per year

Registration is for the full year (4 terms) and is non-refundable.


Class fees per Term

1/2 hour lesson $112.00 per term

45 minute lesson $135.00 per term

Students who take Ballet, Jazz and Tap receive a 5% discount on those three classes.


Semi Private Lesson $210.00 per student per term (1/2 hr)

Private lesson $230.00 per term (1/2 hr)


Take an additional 5% off if four terms (2022-23 season) is paid in full the first term.

Class fees for each term MUST be paid on the first class day of each term. There will be a 10% fee, per term, for all late payments.


There will be a $25 charge for any NSF check returned to the studio.

There will be no refund for classes missed, except with a medical excuse. Make-up classes will be available only during the 1st and 2nd terms.  If Madison schools close or cancel evening activities due to inclement weather, we will close. If in doubt, please call the studio.

Bill Davis Scholarship:

Miss Virginia’s late husband wished to continue supporting students in their dance education. The Bill Davis Scholarship will award two individual dance scholarships per year.

To apply for a scholarship, please note the following qualifications:

  1. Student must have danced with Virginia Davis School of Dance for at least one year.
  2. Scholarship is for 1/2 hour class per week for the full 2022 – 2023 season [four terms] but does not include the registration fee.
  3. Scholarship does not include the cost of the costume for our annual recital.
  4. Applicant must send a letter as to why you should be considered for the scholarship no later than August 14, 2022 for the 2022-23 dance season.