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Jr. Summer Dance Camp June 20-23 

Creative Dance; Arts & Crafts; Game time; Snack and Outdoor Fun!  There will be a performance on Thursday afternoon. 1:00-4:00 p.m. Four days of Fun! Cost: $100.  Ages 5-7.  Space is limited.

CANCELLED Summer Lyrical/Contemporary Clinic  July 5-7

Expressive dance that combines modern, lyrical and jazz dance genres. 4:00-6:00 p.m. Lyrical/Contemporary Cost: $80.00.  Ages 11-14. Beginning/Continuing level.

Summer Dance Camp  July 10-14

Five amazing days packed full of dance, creativity and surprises!  We learn dances in Jazz, Tap, Production, Hula and Hip Hop for a performance at the end of the week! 9:00-3:00 pm.  Cost: $210.  Ages 8-12.  A Virginia Davis School of Dance tradition.  Space is limited.

Beginning Adult Ballet & Tap  June 17-July 22

10:00-11:00 am  Cost: $100  Adult Beginning/Continuing on Saturday mornings.

Call us today and reserve your spot!  Limited spots available.

 Summer Session:

Our six-week summer session is a wonderful opportunity to try dance. There is no registration fee, and no dress code.  Appropriate dance shoes are required.

Summer Session Dates:  June 13 – July 25, 2017

There will be no refunds for classes missed, except with medical excuse.  We reserve the right to cancel any class times with fewer than five students.  Class size will be limited.  Confirmation will be emailed one week prior to start date.






Tuesday Evenings

5:30 – 6:00pm





Tuesday Evenings

6:00 – 6:45pm

Ballet/Tap Combination




Tuesday Evenings

6:45 – 7:30pm

Ballet/Jazz Combination




Tuesday Evenings

7:30 – 8:15pm





Tuesday Evenings

8:15 – 9:00pm





Pre-Ballet:  Girls and Boys ages 3-5 are introduced to the joy of movement and rhythm with this pre-ballet dance experience!  We will learn to jump, hop, skip and balance while singing and dancing with fun upbeat music.  Young dancers will learn to listen and take turns as well as connect basic dance terminology with music.

Ballet/Tap Combination is for the beginning/continuing 5-6 year olds.  Class includes 20 minutes each of Ballet and Tap.  Classes include basic terminology, creative combinations, and fun dance activities.  Both ballet and tap shoes are required.

Ballet/Jazz Combination is for beginning/continuing 7-10 year olds.  Class includes 20 minutes each of Ballet and Jazz.  Classes include terminology, ballet barre, and center combinations.  Ballet and/or jazz shoes are required.

Teen/Adult Ballet/Pointe is for the intermediate/advanced dancer.  This 45 minute class includes barre and center floor work.  New technical combinations are introduced every week.  Class can be done with pointe and/or ballet shoes.   Increase your skills and strength this summer!  

Teen/Adult Jazz is for the intermediate/advanced dancer.  45 minute class includes warm-up and center floor combinations.  Music is upbeat and you will enjoy the choreographed movements.  Appropriate dance shoes are required.  This is a great workout!  Register now, Class size limited!

If you would like a class that is not in our schedule, please make that request and we may be able to accommodate you.  Private lessons are available by request.